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*: cut v2.2.0
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## 2.2.0-rc.1 / 2018-02-21
## 2.2.0 / 2018-03-08
* [CHANGE] Rename file SD mtime metric.
* [CHANGE] Send target update on empty pod IP in Kubernetes SD.
* [FEATURE] Add API endpoint for flags.
* [FEATURE] Add API endpoint for dropped targets.
* [FEATURE] Display annotations on alerts page.
* [FEATURE] Add option to skip head data when taking snapshots.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Federation performance improvement.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Read bearer token file on every scrape.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Improve typeahead on `/graph` page.
......@@ -10,6 +13,7 @@
* [ENHANCEMENT] Set consul server default to `localhost:8500`.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Add dropped Alertmanagers to API info endpoint.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Add OS type meta label to Azure SD.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Validate required fields in SD configuration.
* [BUGFIX] Prevent stack overflow on deep recursion in TSDB.
* [BUGFIX] Correctly read offsets in index files that are greater than 4GB.
* [BUGFIX] Fix scraping behavior for empty labels.
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