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Release 2.21.0-rc.1 (#7868)

Add missing items in the changelog
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## 2.21.0-rc.0 / 2020-08-27
## 2.21.0-rc.1 / 2020-09-08
This release is built with Go 1.15, which deprecates [X.509
CommonName](https://golang.org/doc/go1.15#commonname) in TLS certificates
In the unlikely case that you use the gRPC API v2 (which is limited to TSDB
admin commands), please note that we will remove this experimental API in the
next minor release 2.22.
* [CHANGE] Disable HTTP2 because of concerns with the Go HTTP/2 client. #7588 #7701
* [CHANGE] PromQL: `query_log_file` path is now relative to the config file. #7701
* [CHANGE] Promtool: Replace the tsdb command line tool by a promtool tsdb subcommand. #6088
......@@ -17,8 +21,12 @@ validation.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Docker Swarm SD: Support tasks and service without published ports. #7686
* [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Reduce the amount of data queried by remote read when a subquery has an offset. #7667
* [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: Add `--time` option to query instant command. #7829
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Move "remove graph" closer to query area. #5990
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Respect the `--web.page-title` parameter in the React UI. #7607
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Add duration, labels, annotations to alerts page in the React UI. #7605
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Add duration on the React UI rules page, hide annotation and labels if empty. #7606
* [BUGFIX] API: Deduplicate series in /api/v1/series. #7862
* [BUGFIX] PromQL: Drop metric name in bool comparison between two instant vectors. #7819
* [BUGFIX] PromQL: Exit with an error when time parameters can't be parsed. #7505
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Detect extra fields in rule files. #7767
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Disallow overwriting the metric name in the `labels` section of recording rules. #7787
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Keep evaluation timestamp across reloads. #7775
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