Commit d2421a69 by Julius Volz

Prometheus version 0.4.0.

Change-Id: I752044a69f86aacc5a7e6da62a6f4a187cf67d27
parent 1b299758
## 0.4.0 / 2014-04-17
* [FEATURE] Vectors and scalars may now be reversed in binary operations (`<scalar> <binop> <vector>`).
* [FEATURE] It's possible to shutdown Prometheus via a `/-/quit` web endpoint now.
* [BUGFIX] Fix for a deadlock race condition in the memory storage.
* [BUGFIX] Mac OS X build fixed.
* [BUGFIX] Built from Go 1.2.1, which has internal fixes to race conditions in garbage collection handling.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Internal storage interface refactoring that allows building e.g. the `rule_checker` tool without LevelDB dynamic library dependencies.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Cleanups around shutdown handling.
* [PERFORMANCE] Preparations for better memory reuse during marshalling / unmarshalling.
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