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Cut v2.23.0-rc.0 (#8206)

Signed-off-by: 's avatarGanesh Vernekar <cs15btech11018@iith.ac.in>
parent c8f81008
## 2.23.0-rc.0 / 2020-11-23
* [CHANGE] UI: Make the React UI default. #8142
* [CHANGE] Remote write: The following metrics were removed/renamed in remote write. #6815
- `prometheus_remote_storage_succeeded_samples_total` was removed and `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_total` was introduced for all the samples attempted to send.
- `prometheus_remote_storage_sent_bytes_total` was removed and replaced with `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_bytes_total` and `prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_bytes_total`.
- `prometheus_remote_storage_failed_samples_total` -> `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_failed_total` .
- `prometheus_remote_storage_retried_samples_total` -> `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_retried_total`.
- `prometheus_remote_storage_dropped_samples_total` -> `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_dropped_total`.
- `prometheus_remote_storage_pending_samples` -> `prometheus_remote_storage_samples_pending`.
* [CHANGE] Remote: Do not collect non-initialized timestamp metrics. #8060
* [FEATURE] [EXPERIMENTAL] Remote write: Allow metric metadata to be propagated via remote write. The following new metrics were introduced: `prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_total`, `prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_failed_total`, `prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_retried_total`, `prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_bytes_total`. #6815
* [ENHANCEMENT] Remote write: Added a metric `prometheus_remote_storage_max_samples_per_send` for remote write. #8102
* [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Make the snapshot directory name always the same length. #8138
* [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Create a checkpoint only once at the end of all head compactions. #8067
* [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Avoid Series API from hitting the chunks. #8050
* [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Cache label name and last value when adding series during compactions making compactions faster. #8192
* [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Improved performance of Hash method making queries a bit faster. #8025
* [ENHANCEMENT] promtool: `tsdb list` now prints block sizes. #7993
* [ENHANCEMENT] promtool: Calculate mint and maxt per test avoiding unnecessary calculations. #8096
* [ENHANCEMENT] SD: Add filtering of services to Docker Swarm SD. #8074
* [BUGFIX] React UI: Fix button display when there are no panels. #8155
* [BUGFIX] PromQL: Fix timestamp() method for vector selector inside parenthesis. #8164
* [BUGFIX] PromQL: Don't include rendered expression on PromQL parse errors. #8177
* [BUGFIX] web: Fix panic with double close() of channel on calling `/-/quit/`. #8166
* [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fixed WAL corruption on partial writes within a page causing `invalid checksum` error on WAL replay. #8125
* [BUGFIX] Update config metrics `prometheus_config_last_reload_successful` and `prometheus_config_last_reload_success_timestamp_seconds` right after initial validation before starting TSDB.
* [BUGFIX] promtool: Correctly detect duplicate label names in exposition.
## 2.22.2 / 2020-11-16
* [BUGFIX] Fix race condition in syncing/stopping/reloading scrapers. #8176
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