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Prometheus version 0.9.0.
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## 0.9.0 / 2015-01-23
* [CHANGE] Reworked command line flags, now more consistent and taking into
account needs of the new storage backend (see below).
* [CHANGE] Metric names are dropped after certain transformations.
* [CHANGE] Changed partitioning of summary metrics exported by Prometheus.
* [CHANGE] Got rid of Gerrit as a review tool.
* [CHANGE] 'Tabular' view now the default (rather than 'Graph') to avoid
running very expensive queries accidentally.
* [CHANGE] On-disk format for stored samples changed. For upgrading, you have
to nuke your old files completely. See "Complete rewrite of the storage
* [CHANGE] Removed 2nd argument from `delta`.
* [FEATURE] Added a `deriv` function.
* [FEATURE] Console templates.
* [FEATURE] Added `absent` function.
* [FEATURE] Allow omitting the metric name in queries.
* [BUGFIX] Removed all known race conditions.
* [BUGFIX] Metric mutations now handled correctly in all cases.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Proper double-start protection.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Complete rewrite of the storage layer. Benefits include:
* Better query performance.
* More samples in less RAM.
* Better memory management.
* Scales up to millions of time series and thousands of samples ingested
per second.
* Purging of obsolete samples much cleaner now, up to completely
"forgetting" obsolete time series.
* Proper instrumentation to diagnose the storage layer with... well...
* Pure Go implementation, no need for cgo and shared C libraries anymore.
* Better concurrency.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Copy-on-write semantics in the AST layer.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Switched from Go 1.3 to Go 1.4.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Vendored external dependencies with godeps.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Numerous Web UI improvements, moved to Bootstrap3 and
Rickshaw 1.5.1.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Improved Docker integration.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Simplified the Makefile contraption.
* [CLEANUP] Put meta-data files into proper shape (LICENSE, etc.)
* [CLEANUP] Removed all legitimate 'go vet' and 'golint' warnings.
* [CLEANUP] Removed dead code.
## 0.8.0 / 2014-09-04
* [ENHANCEMENT] Stagger scrapes to spread out load.
* [BUGFIX] Correctly quote HTTP Accept header.
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