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Cut release 0.11.0.

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## 0.11.0 / 2015-02-23
* [FEATURE] Introduce new metric type Histogram with server-side aggregation.
* [FEATURE] Add offset operator.
* [FEATURE] Add floor, ceil and round functions.
* [CHANGE] Change instance identifiers to be host:port.
* [CHANGE] Dependency management and vendoring changed/improved.
* [CHANGE] Flag name changes to create consistency between various Prometheus
* [CHANGE] Show unlimited number of metrics in autocomplete.
* [CHANGE] Add query timeout.
* [CHANGE] Remove labels on persist error counter.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Various performance improvements for sample ingestion.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Various Makefile improvements.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Various console template improvements, including
proof-of-concept for federation via console templates.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Fix graph JS glitches and simplify graphing code.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Dramatically decrease resources for file embedding.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Crash recovery saves lost series data in 'orphaned' directory.
* [BUGFIX] Fix aggregation grouping key calculation.
* [BUGFIX] Fix Go download path for various architectures.
* [BUGFIX] Fixed the link of the Travis build status image.
* [BUGFIX] Fix Rickshaw/D3 version mismatch.
* [CLEANUP] Various code cleanups.
## 0.10.0 / 2015-01-26
* [CHANGE] More efficient JSON result format in query API. This requires
up-to-date versions of PromDash and prometheus_cli, too.
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