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## 2.1.0 / 2018-1-19
## 2.2.0-rc.0 / 2018-02-13
* [CHANGE] Rename file SD mtime metric.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Federation performance improvement.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Read bearer token file on every scrape.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Improve typeahead on `/graph` page.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Change rule file formatting.
* [ENHANCEMENT] Set consul server default to `localhost:8500`.
* [BUGFIX] Drop metric name for bool modifier.
* [BUGFIX] Fix races in discovery.
* [BUGFIX] Fix Kubernetes endpoints SD for empty subsets.
* [BUGFIX] Throttle updates from SD providers, which caused increased CPU usage and allocations.
* [BUGFIX] Fix TSDB block reload issue.
* [BUGFIX] Fix PromQL printing of empty `without()`.
* [BUGFIX] Don't reset FiredAt for inactive alerts.
* [BUGFIX] Fix erroneous file version changes and repair existing data.
## 2.1.0 / 2018-01-19
* [FEATURE] New Service Discovery UI showing labels before and after relabelling.
* [FEATURE] New Admin APIs added to v1 to delete, snapshot and remove tombstones.
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