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Release 2.21.0-rc.0 (#7857)

Signed-off-by: 's avatarJulien Pivotto <roidelapluie@inuits.eu>
parent c8062622
## 2.21.0-rc.0 / 2020-08-27
This release is built with Go 1.15, which deprecates [X.509
CommonName](https://golang.org/doc/go1.15#commonname) in TLS certificates
* [CHANGE] Disable HTTP2 because of concerns with the Go HTTP/2 client. #7588 #7701
* [CHANGE] PromQL: `query_log_file` path is now relative to the config file. #7701
* [CHANGE] Promtool: Replace the tsdb command line tool by a promtool tsdb subcommand. #6088
* [CHANGE] Rules: Label `rule_group_iterations` metric with group name. #7823
* [FEATURE] Eureka SD: New service discovery. #3369
* [FEATURE] Hetzner SD: New service discovery. #7822
* [FEATURE] Kubernetes SD: Support Kubernetes EndpointSlices. #6838
* [FEATURE] Scrape: Add per scrape-config targets limit. #7554
* [ENHANCEMENT] Support composite durations in PromQL, config and UI, e.g. 1h30m. #7713 #7833
* [ENHANCEMENT] DNS SD: Add SRV record target and port meta labels. #7678
* [ENHANCEMENT] Docker Swarm SD: Support tasks and service without published ports. #7686
* [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Reduce the amount of data queried by remote read when a subquery has an offset. #7667
* [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: Add `--time` option to query instant command. #7829
* [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Move "remove graph" closer to query area. #5990
* [BUGFIX] PromQL: Drop metric name in bool comparison between two instant vectors. #7819
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Detect extra fields in rule files. #7767
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Disallow overwriting the metric name in the `labels` section of recording rules. #7787
* [BUGFIX] Rules: Keep evaluation timestamp across reloads. #7775
* [BUGFIX] Scrape: Do not stop scrapes in progress during reload. #7752
* [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix `chunks.HeadReadWriter: maxt of the files are not set` error. #7856
* [BUGFIX] TSDB: Delete blocks atomically to prevent corruption when there is a panic/crash during deletion. #7772
* [BUGFIX] Triton SD: Fix a panic when triton_sd_config is nil. #7671
* [BUGFIX] UI: Fix react UI bug with series going on and off. #7804
* [BUGFIX] Web: Stop CMUX and GRPC servers even with stale connections, preventing the server to stop on SIGTERM. #7810
## 2.20.1 / 2020-08-05
* [BUGFIX] SD: Reduce the Consul watch timeout to 2m and adjust the request timeout accordingly. #7724
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