Commit 0ca5be12 by Julius Volz

Prometheus version 0.7.0.

Change-Id: I73468f72b43654f4bf57627c2f49fe802b18f637
parent bfb64321
## 0.7.0 / 2014-08-06
[FEATURE] Added new functions: abs(), topk(), bottomk(), drop_common_labels().
[FEATURE] Let console templates get graph links from expressions.
[FEATURE] Allow console templates to dynamically include other templates.
[FEATURE] Template consoles now have access to their URL.
[BUGFIX] Fixed time() function to return evaluation time, not wallclock time.
[BUGFIX] Fixed HTTP connection leak when targets returned a non-200 status.
[BUGFIX] Fixed link to console templates in UI.
[PERFORMANCE] Removed extra memory copies while scraping targets.
[ENHANCEMENT] Switched from Go 1.2.1 to Go 1.3.
[ENHANCEMENT] Made metrics exported by Prometheus itself more consistent.
[ENHANCEMENT] Removed incremental backoffs for unhealthy targets.
[ENHANCEMENT] Dockerfile also builds Prometheus support tools now.
## 0.6.0 / 2014-06-30
[FEATURE] Added console and alert templates support, along with various template functions.
[PERFORMANCE] Much faster and more memory-efficient flushing to disk.
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